In 2016, I had an idea.

What if there were an ad agency that sold social and political transformation at the same scale that big brands sell products?

I told my idea to my friend Daria. She loved it. Flew out to New York City. We created this deck. Check it out. It's pretty radical.

Then I thought: let's gather people. And just start. 

another_world (1).jpg

So we did. Forty or so people came together to create Another World. At a beautiful office in Chelsea, offered to us for the afternoon by a friend.

One of the volunteers was Alicia, who gave this rousing speech at the end. I'm grateful we have it, but sorry we don't have the beginning of it!

Three campaigns emerged: sharing indigenous wisdom; imagining a 100% sustainable future; and rebranding refugees from problems to humans.

Imagine for a second. What would happen if we had $100 million dollars to spend to spread indigenous wisdom through media.



Tara, along with Daria, Mandie, Alicia, Schulyler, Njery, Rob, Dave and quite a merry band of advertising revolutionaries, put together another big event to raise money and generate energy. 

The event was billed as a fundraiser, but it turned out to be more about recruiting...