2016 – 2021

New York City

Feel other people’s feelings. Guide them back to themselves and to their deepest truth.


Perform intuitive readings on stage in venues and festivals around the world. Created a one-man show “Empath.” Founded “The Empath Popup,” a popup in the East Village that offered empathy and connection. These are original, culture-jamming ways of communicating empathy to new audiences.


Originated the idea of a “professional empath.” Built this career from scratch with few models out there for it.


2017 – 2021

New York City

Consult with companies to integrate empathy and emotional intelligence into the most important facets of their business. Clients have included Coca-Cola, the Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts and Facebook. 


Coach high powered men to increase their EQ and open their hearts.



New York City

Founded a hybrid ad agency and social movement where artists created original ad campaigns to spark social change at a big scale. At its peak, 100 or so volunteers were putting their heart into beautiful, heartfelt advertising campaigns. In the end, I could not crack the fundraising.


Idea remains alive in me: what if we could sell social and political transformation the way big brands sell their latest product? At the same scale?


2014 – 2018

NYC, LA, Nomadic

Uncovered and worked through deep trauma, some of which originated as an infant, and processed it through a combination of introspection, time in nature, plant medicine and pursuing joy.


Released inter-generational Jewish trauma, especially Holocaust related trauma, which was one major source of my depression.


Developed capacity to explore my own shadow honestly and lovingly. Now able to cope with any emotional experience in a healthy way.


2011 – 2012

Zuccotti Park

Gave my whole heart to this revolutionary movement.


Started with directing a commercial for Occupy that went viral. Then raised money and bought airtime on the O’Reilly Factor for it. Then founded and ran Occupy.com, which still exists to this day.


Gained an understanding of participatory democracy and the nature of movements.


2009 – 2014


Fell into years long depressive dark spells. Held suicide at bay by reading books, directing the occasional commercial or documentary, and relying on friends for intermittent support.


Learned firsthand about deep emotional pain and how poorly our culture deals with it. Developed empathy for others barely able to cope in a world that values money, status and distraction above authenticity, heart, and connection.


2006 – 2017


Made several documentary shorts of which I’m quite proud, especially “Carissa,” “Soundcheck,” “Lyric and Jordan” and “Dying on Instagram.” My style is honest and lyrical. Directed commercials and branded videos, including several national TV spots, mostly documentary in style. Also directed a few of those commercials you see in the back of New York City taxis.


Learned how to manage teams and make creative magic happen on a large scale, with big and small budgets.

Tried and failed to sell TV shows and feature documentaries to major networks. Always got in the room with top executives but couldn’t get green lit. Learned ins and outs of TV development. Had heart broken many times.


2005 – 2007

Los Angeles

Earned an MBA with a focus on entrepreneurship. Learned the basics of business and corporate management.


Instead of doing an MBA internship, made my film “Carissa,” about one of my fellow classmates. Raised $250k, recruited Academy Award winner as Executive Producer, won lots of awards and sold film to TV.


2002 – 2005


Wrote and produced a play, “Cheyenne.” Wrote TV pilots and film scripts, some on spec, some for hire.


Worked for a few months as assistant to showrunner of CSI: Miami (with David Caruso). PA on a Hallmark movie, drove Shelly Long to and from set every day.


Filled in the gaps by writing and editing people’s applications to law school and business school. 


1998 – 2002

NYC, Paris

Majored in English. Graduated magna cum laude. Spent junior year abroad in France.

Wrote regular and controversial op-ed columns for the Daily Spectator, including a piece exposing the privilege that goes into gaining admission.

Favorite class with Japanese Literature and FIlm.


1993 – 1998

Los Angeles

Interesting combination of accomplished student and rebel. Earned top grades at Harvard-Westlake but bitterly eschewed the conventional elite power establishment.

Fell in love with writing. Wrote short stories, a novella and several plays, some of which were quite good, given I was 17.


1980 – 1993

Los Angeles

There was an intellectual bent to me. Showed an early curiosity about history and philosophy.


Loved video games (Mario Kart), the Lakers (Magic Johnson), and Weird Al Yankovic.


Learned to share attention when sister was born when I was 7.